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Frequently asked questions

1What is testosterone deficiency?
Testosterone is the quintessential male hormone. It is what makes men, - men. It gives you your drive and ambition, your physical strength, power and endurance. And, of course, testosterone is essential for your sexual performance. Without an adequate level, specific to you,  a whole plethora of physical, psychological and sexual symptoms develop. 
2How common is it?
The truth is that nobody actually knows. In a paper published in Translational Andrology and Urology in April 2017 it was estimated that the global prevalence of Testosterone Deficiency amongst males was somewhere between 10 and 40%. It is a greatly undiagnosed disorder in so much as men can suffer from a whole variety of symptoms for many years and it never occurs to their doctors that it may be due to Testosterone Deficiency which can be diagnosed with a simple blood test.
3Why is testosterone important?
Having an adequate level of testosterone is important to you as a man in order to avoid a whole variety of physical, physiological and sexual symptoms. Furthermore, there is now emerging evidence  that maintaining your own optimum testosterone level protects you against developing cardiovascular disease including heart attacks and stroke and also protects against dementia. Therefore the overall evidence is that if you want to live a long and active life, you can help achieve this by maintaining the optimal level of testosterone unique to you. 
4How can I tell if I have low testosterone levels?
Common symptoms include undue and unexplained tiredness, diminished libido and sexual performance, lowered mood, irritability, weakening of muscle strength and endurance, sleep difficulties to name but a few. If you feel that these are relevant to you, our recommendation is to have this investigated rather than assume it is part of the process of normal ageing.
5What causes testosterone deficiency?
There are a wide variety of causes. Many are genetic in that you are predisposed to reduce your testosterone output at an earlier age than your peers. Certainly it is known that it is associated with other disorders including a previous vasectomy, a hernia repair, previous trauma to the testicles, Type 2 Diabetes and obesity around the tummy. Any male who has had a testicle removed for a tumour will certainly this disorder.

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