Our clinic operates as a team

You, our patient are treated as a unique individual. Our treatments are not driven by algorithms or protocols.
We will become very much aware of your own particular health needs and all treatment plans are designed to take into account your circumstances and preferences. It is bespoke.

All patients are seen and assessed in the first instance by our Medical Director.

David has been in Private General Practice for over 30 years and has had a particular interest in treating men for over 20 of those. He keeps up to date with the latest research and practice in men’s health by attending Conferences and Symposia on these and related topics as well as finding solutions to individual patients problems by liaising with specialists and trawling scientific papers in PubMed.

We work closely with a network of the top Consultant Specialists, in cardiology, endocrinology, bariatric surgery, oncology and urology.

In addition we have a network of relevant consultants worldwide.

Our promise to you is to treat you with respect, sympathetically, confidentially, acknowledging your uniqueness and to leave no stone unturned to return you to the health and vigor you deserve.

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