The symptoms of testosterone deficiency (what you feel and experience) can be divided into three, but overlapping groups.
1Declined drive and ambition
You may find a decline in drive and ambition. What came naturally to you previously is now an uphill struggle. Previously incisive decision making on your part has become uncertainty and prevarication.
2Sleep disturbance
Your sleep can be disturbed. You may have difficulty getting off to sleep, - anxiety about current problems, worrying about things that might possibly happen. You can wake up and feel unrefreshed. Instead of your customary experience of ‘hitting the day running’, instead you feel that you’ll only do what you absolutely have to do.
3Lowered mood
Your mood can be lowered. You are not enjoying the things in life that previously gave you pleasure. You no longer look forward to these things.
Indeed many men have been diagnosed as suffering from depression and even treated inappropriately with anti-depressant drugs. This may have happened to you when in fact you are testosterone deficient.
1Physical strength
You may find that you have a decline in your physical strength and endurance. What you could previously achieve in the gym is now much harder. You look around at your peers in the gym. You are huffing and puffing and struggling whereas they are doing the same exercises effortlessly.
If your usual exercise habits are interrupted by business travel or holidays, you can find that it takes surprisingly longer to get back to your previous level of fitness.
3Muscle aches
Your muscles can feel generally ‘achy’ and your joints stiff.
4Weight gain
There is a tendency to put on weight especially around your middle. You can’t understand this. You are not eating any more or exercising any less. This is a classical experience in testosterone deficiency.
1Declined libido
There may be a decline in your libido or sexual appetite. The sort of woman that you previously found sexually attractive no longer seems particularly alluring. You can still identify this sort of woman when you encounter her. You recognize that you ought to find her attractive but your ‘hunting’ instinct just isn’t there and you can’t be bothered to follow it up.
2Difficulty in getting an erection
You may notice that you don’t wake up with an erection during the night or in the morning as often as you did. When you are trying to enjoy a sexual encounter, you may find that you have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection.
3Difficulty reaching orgasm
Even when all is going well and you are enjoying sex you may find it difficult or impossible to reach orgasm. You want to but you can’t.
4Lack of ‘hunting’ instinct
In summary, if you find that you have a combination of any of the above symptoms you can easily put this down to growing older when in fact it may be due to what is now known as Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome. This treatable and reversible.

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