Tailor made consultations and treatment

Our clinic provide the full range of medical services for men of all ages, focusing on prevention rather than cure. Male doctors are available on most days and can be requested when you make your appointment.

We specialise in:

Speedy service
Experienced Male doctors
Fully tailor made treatment to optimise your health

What to expect?

1Initial consultation
Before seeing your appointed doctor, you will have completed both your Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome questionnaire and your Past Medical History form. You can do this either at home before you come to the clinic or at the time in the clinic, - the choice is yours.

You will then meet your own doctor where you will be able to expand on and explain in detail your problems with him.

Following this you will have a full medical examination. As this proceeds, he will explain what he is looking for and you are free to ask any questions.
At the end of this he will take a blood specimen to send off to our chosen laboratory, The Doctors Laboratory (TDL).

Our doctors keep a very open mind and don’t assume that your problems are all necessarily due to Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome.

You may have one or more disorders which are contributing your problems and if this is the case it will all be explained to you and discussed with you. If it emerges that you have another problem, we are able to refer you to the top consultants in London in the relevant field. You should allow up to 2 hours for this initial consultation.
2Second consultation
It normally takes about 72 hours to get the results of your blood tests. This will have comprised of 53 different measurements of your health.

You can make an appointment with your appointed doctor (or if you prefer, one of our other doctors) at your convenience.

Your doctor will then explain your results to you and answer any questions you may have. Any other medical conditions that have come to light either as a result of your initial consultation or your blood results will be discussed.
If any other medical concerns come to light, these can be managed by either one of our doctors, your own GP or if advisable, we can refer you to a relevant consultant privately from our data bank of specialists covering all areas of medicine and surgery.

There will then be a discussion about the various methods of treating your Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome. The choice is yours and if you find that one particular method does not work for you, you are entirely free to switch to one of the other methods.

Treatment can be started at this second consultation.
3Subsequent consultations
You will then be reviewed after an appropriate period of time again at your convenience. Depending on how you are progressing, it may be necessary to take another blood test, just to measure your testosterone level as a result of your chosen mode of treatment.

After discussion, you may decide that you want to transfer to an alternate method. We can of course do this immediately.

Subsequent consultations will be held on an ad hoc basis at your convenience depending on your progress and satisfaction with treatment mode.

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